DJRENTALSOURCE.COM and its associated web operations were founded mostly due to frustration with the low quality, fly-by-night operators who were peddling their unsafe, inferior, extortionate DJ Rental Equipment over the internet. With clients turning more and more to the web for their rental needs, our promoters had grown tired of hearing horror stories of DJ Equipment Rental websites fleecing unsuspecting customers and pushing out unsafe, dangerous hardware for use in public arenas. We at DJ Rental Source are all about safety, security, efficiency, honesty and integrity in over the course of the last 30 years, while we have helped hundreds of thousands of clients in their endeavours to put on events, from intimate corporate gathers by small business owners needing corporate A/V rentals to the larger venues we have produced our guiding principles have become the gold standard.

A few of our principles have been so crucial to our growth and success that we feel it always saves time to state them up-front in detail. We have found that as long as we keep to these principles – and never shun them for the sake of quick profits or ease – we undoubtedly will reach our goal of becoming the best A/V, DJ and PA Systems company in the world. They will also hopefully provide you with a good understanding on for our motivations and decisions:

  1. Clear Communication Between Employees And Clients.
  2. Taking best care of our client relationships as well as our employee’s best interests.
  3. Developing of expertise and nurturing of talent within and outside our firm walls.
  4. Ensuring that client’s receive the equipment that they need, in the best condition possible, on time, where they needed.
  5. Focussing on the longer term whereby customers work with us over decades, shunning quick profits and being weary of the mentality that makes such quick profits seem attractive.
  6. Constantly updating our catalogue and inventory with the best and latest DJ, A/V and PA Systems.
  7. Ensuring highest standards of efficiency, usability and safety with a never-ending timeline for improvement.

Why should you choose us?

Whatever the size of your venue or the needs as far as equipment goes, we are the people who will obsessively work to make sure that everything we do for you is done perfectly. That’s it.