Hire DJ, MC For Parties & Events

If you want to make sure that your party or event turns out great, you’ll need the right equipment of course (be sure to check out our catalogue of top of the line DJ equipment rentals) but it won’t hurt if you also get some people who know what they’re doing – Professionals. Professional DJ’s can really add to the charm and grandeur of a party by turning a normal ‘get together’ in to a real party scene. EMCEE’s as well can make your event or party extra incredible by having a professional presenter be your event M.C. you’ll surely add a lot of cool points to your party.

DJ Rental Source offers professional DJ’s, MC’s, Sound Engineers, Lighting Engineers, Stage Set-up Experts, Equipment movers and more. All trained and vetted experts of ours, who are bonded and insured to make sure that your party goes full throttle just the way you’ve envisioned it to go. DJ Rental Source is transformational in the way we empower event organizers like you get easy access to some of the best trained professionals at efficient, transparent hourly rates.

If you are in need of an expert then tell us a little bit about the sort of event you are organizing and we will tell you how we can help you now. Or just let us know and we’ll have one of our experts call you and provide you with a free expert consult.

Having established the benchmark of quality with our DJ Equipment Rentals, our firms position in the market has grown and that has allowed us to build up competencies and serve clients in newer, more useful, efficient and effective ways. As a leader in NYC DJ Equipment, AV Rentals, Projector Rentals and Speaker Rental services we felt it our duty to offer up professionals who could assist clients in throwing the best parties in a safe, professional, legal and efficient manner – goals our competitors seem not to care too much about.

DJ Rental Source has built a network of outstanding professional’s across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. If you are searching for a DJ to hire, or looking to hire an EMCEE for an event you are organizing, or if you are just looking to hire an expert sound or lighting technician to come and set up DJ Equipment you are renting from us then we can pair you up with just the right professionals – our members – hundreds of them – who are available around the clock, across the tri-state area.

Our experts have been trained, vetted and put through some of the toughest events to organize from VIP blacklist banking parties to school events and large band shows. We go over and above to deliver you the experience you desire. Call now to learn more.